We supply exclusive natural and cold pressed Balanites oil from Burkina Faso.

Balanites oil, has skin active properties and relatively high saponification rates which allow the oil to be used in cleaning products such as skin soaps, shampoo, foam baths, baby care products, mouth rinse and toothpaste.

Balanites has its good moisturizing, softening and percutaneous properties due to oleic (31 %) and linoleic (41%) acid.

Balanites oil from Burkina Faso contain 1,3-1,5 % diosgening steroid.

Balanites aegytiaca, is also called desert date. By using the grain sustainable for oil, your company can give new balanites trees extra value and thereby you can participate in the combat against desertification and climatechanges.

For litteratur references on the usage of Balanites please contact abn@b4trees.dk

Melting point: 4 ° C
Saponification value: 180-185
Iodine value: 95-105
Diosgenin steroid: 1.3-1.5%
Color: clear light yellow
Availability: Good

Balanites acids