Fairtrade certification of products

B4Trees offer consultancy of certification for your company’s products. We can assist with different certification schemes, such as Ecocert and Fairtrade.

Certification allows your organic or natural cosmetics to be commercialized worldwide. The essentials of this certification are:

Environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health
Development of the concept of green chemicals
Responsible use of natural resources
Respect of biodiversity
Absence of petrochemical ingredient (except for authorized preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants
Absence of GMO
Recyclable packaging

B4Trees does consultancy on the ”Ecocert Organic Standard” – equivalent with EU organic regulations EC No 834/2007 applied in low-income countries.

We assist with:
Provision of overview of requirements of the standard
Training in all the requirements of the standard
Plant production
Wild collection
Collection areas
Accounts, traceability, and documentation
Quality management
Labelling and invoicing
Process handling
Grower group
Elaboration of procedures of relevant requirement
Mapping of certified area
Internal control
Assistance with laboratory analysis of products
Assistance during certification audits

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Read more about Ecocert here: www.ecocert.com

The Fairtrade label is an international labeling scheme that works to ensure better wages and decent working conditions for the world’s vulnerable producers. Fairtrade is working to eradicate poverty by paying a fair price for local producers’ raw materials and thereby guaranteeing them a fair wage.
B4Trees assist with all steps in the certification.

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Read more about Fairtrade here: www.fairtrade.net

Fair for Life
Fair for Life is a certification program for fair trade in agriculture, manufacturing, and trade. The label encourages a supply chain business model that aims at the resilience of each link. Fair for Life certification is a tool that enables the valorization and protection of exemplary supply chains, where stakeholders have chosen to act responsibly by implementing good economic, social, and environmental practices. By following the framework defined by Fair for Life certification, producers, processors, and brand owners can secure their sales and supplies, thanks to tools such as long-term contracts that include fixed prices and volumes, and by establishing a real partnership between them.

B4Trees assist with all steps in the certification.

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Read for about Fair for Life here: www.fairforlife.org

Article: Certification standards for sustainable production of food and cosmetic oils
More in-depth information about certifications for sustainable production of food and cosmetic oil, can be found in this article: Overview and Evaluation of Certification Standards for Sustainable Production of Food and Cosmetic Oil from Native West African Trees

A range of seed oils are sourced from West Africa. We present an overview of the certification standards for tree-based oil applied for food and cosmetics and an evaluation of sustainability gains. Certification standards were identified via the International Trade Centre’s listings and internet search, guided by interviews with certification bodies. Eleven certification standards were identified in 15 ecowas countries; five standards are applied in five or more countries, six in one to three countries. The largest numbers of standards were found in Ghana (nine) and Burkina Faso (seven), while five countries had none. The most widespread certification standards focused on organic production. In addition, two standards with a wide range of use were identified. The use of certification standards is still limited in West Africa, despite the fact that standards could promote high-value products and the attainment of sustainable-development goals.

Africa – certification standard – ECOWAS – fair trade – organic – seed oil – SDGs – sustainable production

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